Daughters of Wisdom Social Justice Award

This award was established in October 2012 by the Moore Family to honour the Daughters of Wisdom who established Catholic Education in Central Alberta.

David and Christine Moore said; “The Education Foundation is very dear to our hearts. It seemed very fitting to honour these pioneer women. Their legacy is one of hard work, dedication, and commitment. They lived their faith and made a very real difference in the lives of those they served. The sisters had a great passion for education, health and social justice. They always showed special care and tenderness towards the poor and needy. Their spirit lives on in the 7,500 students now attending Catholic schools in Central Alberta."

The Daughters of Wisdom Social Justice Award is meant to perpetuate the great work initiated by these religious women and will be awarded annually to a deserving student who demonstrates their faith through social justice action.

Daughters of Wisdom Social Justice Award Application Form. - fillable PDF form

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Please submit you application by May 19, 2017, to your school counsellor.