Entries by Haleigh Packer

Go Girls 2021

Go Girls is a one-day event that promotes health and wellness to all Grade 5 girls in Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and Red Deer Public Schools. This event focuses on physical activity, healthy eating and mental wellness. Students benefit by gaining new skills and knowledge, while building new friendships. This initiative has been given […]

Grow Boys 2021

Grow Boys is a full day leadership conference for Grade 5 boys in Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and Red Deer Public Schools. This event includes sessions on physical activity, mental health/wellness, trades and technology. Students benefit from learning new skills and are exposed to positive role models throughout the day. This initiative has been […]

St. Teresa of Avila School – Mindful Kids Club

The Mindful Kids Club encourages students to be leaders by selecting meaningful projects that promote mindfulness and kindness in the school community. The club embodies an appreciation of all students and their God given dignity where they see in the light of others and focus on kind acts. This initiative was allocated $1,500.

St. Patrick’s Community School – Prayer and Praise

The Prayer and Praise program provides a unique and powerful way for students and staff members to connect with their faith through music. The school will receive $5,000 in funding to restock and replenish decades old musical instruments, such as rhythm sticks, maracas, hand drums, finger cymbals, shaker eggs, triangles, tambourines, wood blocks, etc.

St. Martin de Porres School – School Musical Production

All staff and students at St. Martin de Porres School will join together to practice and present a musical production that celebrates the Catholic faith. Students will grow in the Catholic characteristic of tradition through acting, singing, moving set pieces, and ushering people at the door. This production will receive $3,500 in funding.

St. Francis of Assisi Middle School – Nature Oasis

The Blended and Foundations program will create a welcoming entrance to the school that will be a functional and outdoor learning space for all students. This will include the planting of trees and having a mulch bed created, with the addition of planter boxes and picnic tables. This project was allocated $3,000.