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St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School – Mass Kit

The school community will benefit from its own Mass Kit with legitimate ceremonial Chalices, Ciboriums, Cruets, etc. The school currently hosts 10 masses a year but does not have its own kit, and instead, shares with the local parish. The new mass kit will help students develop a greater understanding and appreciation of mass. This […]

St. Francis of Assisi Middle School – Faith Formation

All students will have the opportunity to join the Alpha Youth Program, which is a 13-session program running twice per month, and aims to educate and inspire today’s youth. Students will be encouraged to grow in their faith throughout the school year through a number of faith-filled initiatives. The school has been allocated $4,000 towards […]

Maryview School – Feeling the Faith

The Learning Commons will be given a variety of resources to help students deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith. These resources include books, audiobooks, games, puzzles, toys, technology, and other manipulatives. This initiative has been allocated $3,000. Testimonial: We have used our grant to purchase faith-based children’s books, games, movies, toys and technology. Each […]

Maryview School – Faith-based Presentations & Retreats

Grade 4-5 students will have the opportunity to experience a one-day faith retreat filled with various activities including crafts, bible study, singing and faith-based games. The school community will also host a theatre production company that will help all students on their personal faith journey. This project was given $3,500.     Testimonial Heartbeat Theatre […]

Holy Trinity Catholic School – Religion Resources

Each school classroom will be given a set of YouCat/DoCat books to assist students in growing their faith. The hope is that by having easy access to books and study guides, students will explore their understanding of social justice more independently and frequently. This project was given $600.   Testimonial: We purchased YouCats and YouCat […]