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Middle School Faith Day

In conjunction with youth ministry, middle school students will get the opportunity to participate in a Faith Day at St. Joseph High School. This event will allow students to grow in the Catholic faith and become leaders in their schools. $4000 has been allocated towards this event.

RDCRS READS 2017 Summer Reading Program

The RDCRS READS Summer Reading Program is an exciting way to encourage our students to read throughout the summer months. Sixteen of our schools have chosen to participate in this program with approximately 2,600 students involved in the summer of 2016. $9978 has been allotted towards this program. Testimonial

École Camille J. Lerouge School – Ambassadors Group

Grade 8 and 9 students will have the opportunity to participate in an Ambassadors Group, who are responsible for representing the school at masses, celebrations and special events. This group will inspire students to model the actions of Jesus as a school leader. This initiative has been allocated $500. Testimonial The Camille Ambassador Leadership Disciple […]

École Camille J. Lerouge School – Making a Prayer Table at Home Project

Grade 2 students will bring home a backpack filled with items to create a prayer table and examples of different types of prayer (praying in colour, rote prayers, intentions and meditations). A journal will be included in the backpack that students will use to draw or write about their use of prayer centre, a favourite […]

École Our Lady of the Rosary School – Bridging the Gap

The school will continue to partner with Sylvan Lake’s seniors’ lodges and extended care centres to bridge the gap between generations. This project goal is to improve the well-being for all who participate by showing regardless of age; everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. This project has been given $500. Testimonial […]

Father Henri Voisin School – Packing up for Literacy

Grade 5 students will create literacy backpacks for elementary students. These backpacks will contain pictures and a variety of activities which will incorporate reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing to help the reader better understand the text. This allows students to foster an enjoyment of reading and help students become stronger in their literacy skills. […]

Father Henri Voisin School – Servant Leadership

Grade 5 students can participate in a servant leadership group, which serves the school community. Students will be able to take on leadership roles as faith, literacy, and active living mentors, as well as participating in literacy, spirit, art, games and technology groups. This initiative has been allocated $1000. Testimonial “Grade 5 Leadership is an […]

Holy Family School – Living the Faith Retreats

Students in Grade 1 to 5 will attend Our Lady of Victory Camp for a full day to focus on the virtues of friendship and kindness. These retreats will have emphasis on empowering students with a missionary spirit to be transformational in society. This initiative has been allotted $4500.

Holy Trinity Catholic School – Positive Mental Health Resources

The school will use the allotted $3300 in funds towards self-regulation items and resources to help students strive for positive mental health. These tools allow students to focus on their needs, such as self-control, social skills, self-esteem, anxiety, etc.