St. Elizabeth Seton School – Spring Musical Production

All students in the school will be involved in the Spring Musical production. Each class will learn a song and dance which relates to the Division’s faith theme. This will be performed to the community in April or May 2022 at the Memorial Centre. This project has been allocated $2,500.

St. Elizabeth Seton School – Face to Face Ministries

Face to Face Ministries seeks to challenge youth to holiness by living and proclaiming the fullness of the Catholic faith. These retreats will connect students to the characteristics of hospitality and justice, which is the Division’s focus next school year. This project will receive $1,600.

Maryview School – Face to Face Ministries

This program gives our students the chance to see the retreat coordinators and witness their faith. This is an excellent way for students to see alternate paths of how God has worked in their lives. This project has been allocated $1,500.

Holy Trinity Catholic School – Saint and Faith

The school would like to purchase various faith-based picture books of saints, living our faith, and the Eucharist. This will help staff permeate faith in their classrooms and teach about the lives of the saints. This project has been allocated $1,000.

Holy Family School – Face to Face Ministries

The Face to Face Ministries is a day retreat to allow students to learn and grow in their Catholic faith. These retreats challenge students to find their God-given purpose in their lives and go forth to share what they have learned with others. This project will receive $2,100.

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School – KEY – Unlocking Your Potentia

This mentorship program is a partnership between our middle schools and École Secondaire Notre Dame High School. The KEY – Unlocking Your Potential will allow middle school students to partner with a high school mentor over a period of eight months. This will alleviate anxiety, foster self confidence and lead to a smooth transition and future success for those Grade 9 students transitioning into a high school setting. This project will receive $1,500.

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School – Pop Up Pantry Fridge

The Pop Up Pantry at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School provides food to identified students in need. The Pop Up Pantry has grown and the school is in need of a large capacity commercial fridge to store meat, fresh produce and dairy products. This initiative has been allocated $2,200 to allow for the purchase of a commercial fridge.

École Our Lady of the Rosary School – Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap is between students and seniors in the community’s extended care home. The goal of this project is to help improve mental well-being for all of those involved by showing that regardless of age, everyone can make a difference in the life of another person. This initiative will receive $1,420.

École Mother Teresa School – Cultivating Resilience Through Kindness

The program will connect the school by creating a culture of kindness that will focus on six core concepts: respect, caring, inclusiveness, integrity, responsibility and courage. With the guidance of counsellors, classes will form ways that kindness and faith could be spread throughout the school. This project will be allocated $1,975.

École Camille J. Lerouge School – Grow Wall

With the installation of a Grow Wall, students will have the opportunity to participate in the plant growing process from germination to harvest. The concepts of farm to table will be addressed, as well as the care for God’s creation. This project will be allocated $1,500.