St. Teresa of Avila School – Kind Kids Club

In response to high demand and increased number of students, the Kind Kids Club will continue next year at the school. This group of Grade 4 and 5 students will meet weekly to discuss and create activities to promote faith, kindness, acceptance and positive mental health in the school community. This initiative has been given $650.




The Kind Kids Club enhances faith for children by offering opportunities to both promote and model kindness in our school and community much like Jesus. Our club also encourages all children to have a sense of ‘belonging’ and ‘purpose’ as they walk their faith journey with supportive adults and new friends. The Education Foundations funding allowed us the opportunity to ‘give back’ within our school and the surrounding community. “Giving Back” allowed our students to demonstrate Humanness by allowing students to better understand compassion, and form it in their lives.

The funds were used for crafts, supplies to support our students’ presentation at the Healthy Active School Symposium (HASS), and Kindness Rocks materials. Funds will also be used to restock some of our board games that are shared with families to help encourage the 40 Developmental Assets. Students continue to come each week to the club and are eager for the start of new projects!

Thank you for providing this opportunity for our students to grow through their faith and kind acts.


  • We Scare Hunger Food Drive – the school community collected 1,318 items and donated to the Red
    Deer Food Bank
  • HASS Presentation & Activity – Hide a Kindness Bookmark in your school
  • Rock Painting of Kind Messages that will be spread throughout the community in the spring
  • Happy heart messages for staff
  • Bookmarks & thank you cards for community agencies (CFS, Alberta Mental Health, Sexual
    Assault Centre, Suicide Information & Education Services, Child Advocacy Centre…)
  • Random Act of Kindness Flowers for surrounding neighbourhood delivery
  • Board games to support family programming
  • Kind Kids fill snack baskets for classrooms

Maryview School – Our Lady of Victory Camp Retreat for Grade 1-2 Students

Students will attend a day at Our Lady of Victory Camp to participate in activities including crafts, singing and bible study. This initiative has been allocated in $1,010.

Grow Boys 2019

Grow Boys is a full day leadership conference for Grade 5 boys in Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and Red Deer Public Schools. This event includes sessions on physical activity, mental health/wellness, trades and technology. Students benefit from learning new skills and are exposed to positive role models throughout the day. This initiative has been allocated $1,000

St. Teresa of Avila School – Breakfast Program

The school will continue to provide a breakfast program for all students. The breakfast follows Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating to ensure students are getting the proper nutrition to start their day. This project was given $3,000.

Go Girls 2019

Go Girls is a one day event that promotes health and wellness to all Grade 5 girls in Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and Red Deer Public Schools. This event focuses on physical activity, healthy eating and mental wellness. Students benefit by gaining new skills and knowledge, while building new friendships. This initiative has been given $1,000.

St. Elizabeth Seton School – A Rosary for Every Student

The school will purchase a set of rosaries to be used during the month of May. Students will get the opportunity to hold a rosary and pray each morning. This initiative has been allocated $365.

RDCRS READS 2018 Summer Reading Program

The RDCRS READS Summer Reading Program is an exciting way to encourage our students to read throughout the summer months. The goal is to foster a love of reading through continued access to books. Seventeen of our schools have chosen to participate in this program with approximately 4,000 students involved. $5,000 has been allotted towards this program.


In order for our students to have a chance for higher academic achievement, we need to continue to support them by building strong literacy environments to develop a culture of
readers in our students. The funds were used for book bags for students participating in RDCRS READS. Students who took books from the school library received a bag and brought them back in September. Over 5400 students and over 16,000 books were given out.

The data is telling us that we are doing well. Students and parent want the program!
(Highlight Data: 311 parents responded, 434 elementary students responded, 105 middle school students responded.)

  • 46% of elementary students said they read more because of this Reading Program
  • 72% of elementary students said they would like books again next summer
  • 87% said they would like the Learning Commons open next summer
  • 77% of parents said they would like books from the school next summer
  • 40% of parents said their child’s reading improved because of the Reading Program
  • 4 Schools had libraries open


École Our Lady of the Rosary School – Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a collaboration between students and residents at the Sylvan Lake Bethany Care Centre. The goal is to help improve the well-being for all those involved by showing that regardless of age, everyone can make a difference in another person’s life. This project was given $1,400.

Holy Family School – Living the Faith Retreats

Grade 1 -5 students will get to experience retreats at Our Lady of Victory Camp to focus on building sacramental consciousness and awareness to care for God’s creation. This initiative has been allocated $4,000.

Father Henri Voisin School – Servant Leadership

Grade 5 students will get the opportunity to be servant leaders in the school. Students will each take on a leadership role to serve the school community, through projects that align with authentic learning and the Eight Characteristics of Catholic Identity. This initiative has been allocated $1,000.