Faith Leadership Team and Youth Ministry

In conjunction with youth ministry, Grade 8 and 9 students will get the opportunity to partake in a middle school faith day. This event allows students to grow in the Catholic faith and become leaders in their schools. This program has been allocated $4,000.


We are grateful to the Red Deer Catholic Education Foundation for funding our second annual Grade 8 and 9 Faith Day. This event was held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. The event was held at the Prairie Pavillion at Westerner Park.  We needed to move to this venue as St. Joseph’s was holding a tournament in their school that week.

Our students will be inspired by two remarkable speakers – APeX Ministry. APeX is two Catholic men (Brad Farmer and Gene Monterastelli) who have made it their lives’ work since 1996 to criss-cross North America sharing the Truth and Joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have crafted a unique style (they call it “Christian Vaudeville”) that engages an audience and creates rapport through death-defying juggling, sketch comedy, and personal testimony. In other words, they are evangelists, they throw things at each other, and they are funny.

Here are some feedback gathered by the teachers who attended with the students.

  • “The Apex guys were really good. The event was fun. It was good that they added in some fun with the juggling but with a good faith message as well. Much better than a boring talk.” Josh K
  • “Apex was really funny and the audience involvement made it fun.” Camille
  • “Thank you for bringing us to Faith day. They were really fun, and it was also fun being there! It was nice seeing other schools there.” Christine
  • “It was entertaining to watch.” Alyanna
  • “I enjoyed being able to see my friends from other schools.” Eden
  • “It was very fun and I enjoyed how they taught us in a fun way.” Simon
  • “I really loved the comedy that came with the religious message. Really awesome!” Ashlee
  • “I really enjoyed my time there and a lot of hard work was put in.” Lily
  • “Something that I liked was being able to interact with other students from other schools. Also, it was nice being in a different environment and learning in a more interactive way.” Molly
  • “They were very funny and entertaining.” Cora
  • “I enjoyed meeting up with other schools.” Tommy
  • “I liked that the guys from APEX were funny while giving a good faith message at the same time.” David
  • “It was fun to be out of school in a different environment with our friends.” Madi
  • “I liked seeing all my friends from different schools. Also, the presenters were funny.” Jayden
  • “I enjoyed the messages hidden behind the awesome, funny acting stories and scenes.” Jordana
  • “I really appreciated the effort put into the faith day and I liked the interactiveness!” Ty
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