Father Henri Voisin School – Packing up for Literacy

Grade 5 students will create literacy backpacks for elementary students. These backpacks will contain pictures and a variety of activities which will incorporate reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing to help the reader better understand the text. This allows students to foster an enjoyment of reading and help students become stronger in their literacy skills. This project has been given $600.


This project enhances Catholic education through humanness, teaching younger children how to love, and understand what they read through games. Using rationality to take and expand on their knowledge of comprehension. The students used the money to buy books and materials to build their games and activities. The students had a budget to work with and they put that budget into use at the local dollar store, making sure they did not spend more than they had. They came back and made their activities and games, and then mentored Grade 3 students.

Grade 5 students learned valuable life skills throughout this project including how to budget, how to manage their time, and how to work with a group for a common goal. They have learned to work with younger students through mentoring and planning age-appropriate games.