Father Henri Voisin School – Servant Leadership

Grade 5 students will get the opportunity to be servant leaders in the school. Students will each take on a leadership role to serve the school community, through projects that align with authentic learning and the Eight Characteristics of Catholic Identity. This initiative has been allocated $1,000.



One of our themes for this year was humanness. We strived to teach students that they have talents they can use to help others. Students were able to choose a leadership group where their talents would be showcased. The groups included one for faith, spirit, active living, school assistants, STEAM, and drama.

  • The faith group was responsible for leading prayer every Friday morning in the gathering area and during assemblies. They also raised money for the Ronald McDonald House with an ornament raffle at Christmas.
  • The spirit group picked theme days during the year for students and staff to dress up.
  • The school assistants helped with library pick-up, milk sales, bringing sand toys out during recess, and delivering hot lunch.
  • The STEAM team designed and organized math and science challenges for classes to do.
  • The active living group made led recess games.
  • The drama group led carolling at Christmas.

Students learned to give back to their community and that even at 10 years of age, they can make a difference in someone’s life. We talked with some of the grade 5 students about their experience with leadership and here is what they had to say; Student 1: Leadership is a lot of fun. We helped the community. It was nice to have options to decide, and we grew in teamwork. Student 2: We were helping our school to be better. Student 3: It was fun because of all the responsibilities we had. We got to show kids what they can do in the future and we could both reflect on the learning.

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