Father Henri Voisin School – Servant Leadership

Grade 5 students can participate in a servant leadership group, which serves the school community. Students will be able to take on leadership roles as faith, literacy, and active living mentors, as well as participating in literacy, spirit, art, games and technology groups. This initiative has been allocated $1000.


“Grade 5 Leadership is an important part of our school culture.  Our Grade 5 Leaders learn about service and help make our school student-centred.  These leaders share their God-given talents with our school community in a variety of ways to make our school an even better place to be.  Some of the leadership roles include the following:

1). Faith – leading prayer at assemblies and the Living Rosary, leading a fundraising initiative with proceeds to go to our needy families at Christmas time

2). Leading Bucket Filling Assemblies

3). Leading activities at lunch recess for students

4). Planning and orchestrating special events such as Math Day, Spirit Days, Earth Days, etc.

5). Planning and orchestrating activities to promote the FNMI culture

6). Planning and orchestrating wellness activities

7.) Students design and have Leadership T-Shirts

8.) Develop and serve the Tasty Treat Healthy Snack

We anticipate that the leadership skills learned and practiced by these students will help them to become active members of society and our Catholic faith.  In the past, part of the success of this program can be attributed to the funds received by the RDC Education Foundation. We sincerely thank this foundation for their financial commitment and hope that they will continue to support this worthy initiative.”