2014-2015 Funding Allotments

In June 2014, the Education Foundation announced funding for 17 school based projects ($36,920) and 4 Division projects ($8,600) for a total of $45,520. In addition to funding these projects, the Foundation awarded $2,500 in scholarships. 

École Camille J. Lerouge School - Religious Leaders Retreats 

École Camille J. Lerouge sent 350 students from Grades 6 and 7 to a retreat designed to increase their faith-based leadership skills. $2,250 was allotted this project.

École Camille J. Lerouge School - Beautiful Girls Club

This is a program for Grade 6 girls designed to encourage healthy relationships, body image, etc. Forty-five girls from École Camille J. Lerouge attended this club. $1,000 was allotted for this initiative. 

Father Henri Voisin School - Faith Based Literacy Resources

This brand new school required help purchasing faith literacy materials for Grades 1-5. We helped with the price of kits for two grades – a total of $1,000.

Father Henri Voisin School - Student Leadership

Grade 5 students will be given the opportunity to help with recess planning and school celebrations. We allotted $750 for promotional materials.

Father Henri Voisin School - Packing up for Literacy

Students choose a book and created an engaging activity that related to the book and used this to mentor younger students. This project was given $400.

Holy Family School - Inclusive Education iPads

The school purchased 20 iPads for classrooms to aid in Literacy, Inclusion, Faith and Technology. We allotted $3,885 to aid in this purchase.

Maryview School - Faith Retreats 

The school sent students from Grades 3-5 to faith retreats to build a foundation for being evangelized leaders. Approximately 125 students were involved. The Education Foundation gave $2,000 towards this initiative.

École Mother Teresa School - Symbols of our Faith 

The school purchased crosses, crucifixes and a stained glass window film to improve their school’s physical Catholic identity. This worthy project received $2,000 from our foundation.

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School - Go Girls 2015

Grade 5 girls from Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and Red Deer Public were joined by high school mentors for an amazing one-day event. We allotted $1,500 towards this event.

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School - Developing High School Literacy (classroom library) 

The school purchased three pilot classroom libraries. This project was allotted $2,350.

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School - Mass Kit

The school purchased a complete mass kit for celebrating Mass in the school chapel. The Education Foundation contributed $4,850 to help with this purchase.

École Our Lady of the Rosary School - Classroom Faith and Literacy Library

The school expanded their classroom libraries with additional literary resources that present facets of our faith combined with an increased knowledge of First Nations families. The Education Foundation provided support for this project by contributing $2,300.

St. Elizabeth Seton School - Technology (iPads) 

The school purchased iPads for their Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1 classes to aid in student development of knowledge and skills. The Foundation allotted $3,885 to aid in this purchase.

St. Francis of Assisi Middle School - NET Ministry Retreats

Grade 7 and 8 students were given the opportunity to grow and develop as faith leaders by attending NET (National Evangelization Team) Ministries of Canada’s program “Who are you?” The Education Foundation contributed to the retreat costs through an allocation of $2,250.

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School - Faith Based Classroom Libraries 

The school purchased faith-based books for their K-5 classroom libraries to support their focus on faith and literacy. The Education Foundation allocated $1,500 to assist with this project

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School - Stations of the Cross

The school has expanded and in order to celebrate our Catholic Identity, they planned to include a ceramic depiction of Stations of the Cross in their new student gathering area. We allocated $3,000 towards this project.

St. Patrick’s Community School - Dual Language Books

We helped this school to meet their unique challenge as a school with a high population of ESL students by purchasing a variety of fiction and non-fiction dual language books. The Education Foundation believed this was an exciting and innovative way to encourage belonging, and to set children up for greater success. This project was funded this $2,500.

St. Patrick’s Community School - Peer Support Team

The school embarked on a project that involved the creation of a peer support team to help encourage spirituality, leadership and mentorship as well as to support emotional and mental health needs of youth. The Education Foundation allocated $1,000 toward the cost of a leadership retreat for the peer team.

Division-Wide Funding

  • Yellow Bear Project - Through a shared partnership with Red Deer Public Schools and Family Services of Central Alberta, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools supports an event called “Kindergarten Here I Come.” During Kindergarten Here I Come, our Division provided information about attending a Catholic school by providing families with a book entitled “Yellow Bear Goes to Catholic School.” The foundation provided funding for these books in the amount of $2,600.
  • Grade 5 Beginner Band Day - The RDCRS Grade 5 Beginner Band Day entered into its fourth year with over 500 students in attendance. This was an extensive workshop that involved students and instructors from across the school Division and the Education Foundation was happy to support it through an allocation of $3,000.
  • Grow Boys (Grade 5 Leadership) - This collaborative effort between Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, Red Deer Public Schools and the City of Red Deer provided an event in which Grade 5 boys experienced a variety of activities under the mentorship of high school boys. The Education Foundation allocated $1,500 for this event.