Holy Family School – Living the Faith Retreats

Grade 1 -5 students will get to experience retreats at Our Lady of Victory Camp to focus on building sacramental consciousness and awareness to care for God’s creation. This initiative has been allocated $4,000.


We were truly blessed this year to have Ryan and Daniel from Face2Face Ministries join us at Holy Family School. We had originally planned to have our grade retreats at Our Lady of Victory Camp but unfortunately, they were closed for renovations for our planned retreat time. However, God works in mysterious ways as we were able to call upon Face2Face Ministries to bring the retreat to us and as busy as they were, they were able to find time for us! They joined us on March 22, 2019 for a whole day where they brought our Catholic faith to life through music, keynote talks, activities, and prayer. The retreat that was comprised of whole school praise and worship as well as separate grade range focus sessions. The energy and enthusiasm that they brought to our school were palpable throughout the day.


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