Holy Trinity Catholic School – Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Faith Resources

The school will implement introductory starter kits for the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes to assist teachers in helping students grow in their faith. In the kits, the lessons are geared towards discovery and exploration to connect students with the Eight Characteristics of Catholic Identity. This project has been given $265.

Holy Trinity Catholic School


  • Funding was used to purchase Allelu!, which is an early childhood program for Catholic children with innovations that make it easy to engage every child and build their faith.
  • Kindergarten classes have worked on learning the characteristic of Humanness by focusing on kindness and how we treat each other.
  • Our school goal “Allow students to have opportunities to experience humanness and sacramentality within our school building, as well as begin to share their understanding with the greater community” is being reached through this resource in this classroom through the mini-lessons that are being taught with it.
  • EA’s in this classroom lead students in a reflection or activity about our faith.
  • Students have been impacted through this because it is giving them exposure to concrete materials that they can use to explore their faith.
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