Maryview School – Faith-based Presentations & Retreats

Grade 4-5 students will have the opportunity to experience a one-day faith retreat filled with various activities including crafts, bible study, singing and faith-based games. The school community will also host a theatre production company that will help all students on their personal faith journey. This project was given $3,500.




Heartbeat Theatre Productions (from Calgary) came to Maryview through the generous funding provided by the Educational Foundation. This whole school (K-5) theatre production highlighted
our division theme of “Lord, light the path and I will lead others.”

Their message positively impacted our students by sharing Matthew 5:14a, 16a . “You are the light of the world…, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and
give glory to your Father in heaven.” The message was presented in a funny, theatrical story that engaged students but also helped them better understand how we all can be leaders when we follow Christ and let Him be our guide.

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