St. Elizabeth Seton School – A Rosary for Every Student

The school will purchase a set of rosaries to be used during the month of May. Students will get the opportunity to hold a rosary and pray each morning. This initiative has been allocated $365.



With this money, we were able to purchase 400 Rosaries. This allows each student in our school to physically hold a Rosary in his/her hand while we pray the Rosary. Throughout the month of May, St. Elizabeth Seton School prays a decade of the Rosary every morning. This usually occurs in the classroom with a student or teacher leading the class through a slide presentation. Once a week we gather in the hallway as a school community and the Faith Coach leads the Rosary over the intercom. The students were positively impacted by this grant money because, as you can see in the pictures and videos, they are very proud to be able to hold a Rosary and learn how to touch each of the beads when reciting the prayers. It has helped them to be focused and reverent during prayer time. This project aligns with our school priority of bringing students and staff to a deeper relationship to God through an understanding and participation in prayer. In the spirit of Sacramentality, the reciting of the Rosary together reveals visible signs of God’s invisible grace. The students of St. Elizabeth Seton School are grateful for their Rosaries!


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