St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School – Mass Kit

The school community will benefit from its own Mass Kit with legitimate ceremonial Chalices, Ciboriums, Cruets, etc. The school currently hosts 10 masses a year but does not have its own kit, and instead, shares with the local parish. The new mass kit will help students develop a greater understanding and appreciation of mass. This initiative has been given $3,500.


“Mass is the centre of our communal life as Catholics it is important that when we come together to worship God we use chalices, ciboriums and other artifacts that reflect the sanctity of the Mass. With this gift, we are able to come before our Lord with sacred vessels that show the importance of His sacrifice for us. Our school celebrates many Masses throughout the school year and will be able to use this gift for many years to come. This gift has positively affected our community as well. Our school parish has had to go through a complete renovation to make it safe for the congregation. Without our school’s use of space and Mass kit the people from our parish, many of them seniors, would have had to travel to other parishes in the area or skip Mass until the completion of the church. They, too, have been grateful for this gift.”

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