École Secondaire Notre Dame High School– Bridges

Students and seniors from the school’s parish community meet together on a regular basis and engage in activities designed to foster relationship building, mentoring, empathy, communication and team building. $800 has been allocated to maintain this mutually beneficial program.


Grade 11 student: “I loved having the elders work with us.  It made me see things differently. They were so fun and caring and we worked well as a team. I will miss them.”

Teacher:  “It is invaluable to see generations working together. Many of my students do not have regular visits with their grandparents. These elders make a huge difference in their lives. They go out of their way to connect with the students and build relationships. They are always concerned that they are not doing enough, but just being there and genuine with the students is more than enough.”

Elder: “I was thrilled to be out in the community and have one of the students wave and come over to say hello. It made my day.”

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