RDCRS READS 2018 Summer Reading Program

The RDCRS READS Summer Reading Program is an exciting way to encourage our students to read throughout the summer months. The goal is to foster a love of reading through continued access to books. Seventeen of our schools have chosen to participate in this program with approximately 4,000 students involved. $5,000 has been allotted towards this program.


In order for our students to have a chance for higher academic achievement, we need to continue to support them by building strong literacy environments to develop a culture of
readers in our students. The funds were used for book bags for students participating in RDCRS READS. Students who took books from the school library received a bag and brought them back in September. Over 5400 students and over 16,000 books were given out.

The data is telling us that we are doing well. Students and parent want the program!
(Highlight Data: 311 parents responded, 434 elementary students responded, 105 middle school students responded.)

  • 46% of elementary students said they read more because of this Reading Program
  • 72% of elementary students said they would like books again next summer
  • 87% said they would like the Learning Commons open next summer
  • 77% of parents said they would like books from the school next summer
  • 40% of parents said their child’s reading improved because of the Reading Program
  • 4 Schools had libraries open


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