St. Patrick’s Community School – Faith Retreats

The school will offer four grade-specific retreats throughout the year. The Grade 6 -9 retreats will be with NET Ministries to engage students in a meaningful dialogue about their faith. The other retreats will be at Camp Kuriakos to give students the opportunity to explore God’s gift of nature and their own faith journey through games, skits, music and prayer. This initiative has been allocated $5,600.


  • This funding served students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 by enhancing Catholic education by igniting the faith in each of our students regardless of where they are in their personal faith journey.
  • School retreats bring the Catholic faith to life through music, keynote talks, activities, and prayer.
  • Elementary and Middle School students each had their own day of with Face2Face Ministries with the yearly theme of, “Purpose.”
  • Elementary students learned about how God has a purpose and a plan for each of us that far surpasses anything we could ever imagine for ourselves.
  • Leaders explored how students can stay close to God and live the awesome plan He has for them using their “GPS.”
  • Middle school students learned how to use the time God has given us “on purpose.”
  • Students considered how they use their time and were challenged to find a healthy balance by offering the truth that the joys in life are a gift from God, but are only a “free sample” of the actual joy and purpose that can be found in Him.
  • All students and staff were engaged in times of reflection, prayer, and community.
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