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Each school classroom will be given a set of YouCat/DoCat books to assist students in growing their faith. The hope is that by having easy access to books and study guides, students will explore their understanding of social justice more independently and frequently. This project was given $600.



We purchased YouCats and YouCat Kids for every classroom. By having these books available in each room, the teachers have an easy-to-use resource when planning or when a question comes up in class. Students are encouraged to look through the YouCat and become more comfortable and familiar with this rich church text. These books allow for teachers to set an example for students when looking for answers to our faith. We have also been using the YouCat Kids in Grades 1 and 2 when talking about community helpers and the vocations within the Church. The students love the pictures and the easy language to follow.

We also purchased a set of DoCats and DoCat Study Guides for group use in middle school. These will be used greatly when talking about stewardship and social justice within our middle school Religion, Science, and Social Studies classes. Teachers have already begun discussing their use with the faith coach and look forward to putting them to use in upcoming units.

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